Tennessee Police Catch Christian Pastor In His Truck ‘Engaged In Sexual Conduct’ With 12-Year-Old Girl – Church Only Suspends

Image result for William E. “Tim” Smith, Jr
Pastor William E. “Tim” Smith, Jr. and Tennessee Church of God


“Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum says the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office has arrested William E. “Tim” Smith, Jr. , a pastor who is charged with sexual misconduct with a 12-year-old girl.

The pastor of this church in Grundy Co. is accused of sexual misconduct with a 12 year old girl.

Sheriff Shrum says Smith, Jr. was taken into custody after investigators found him and a 12-year old female in a remote wooded area engaged in sexual conduct in Smith, Jr.’s truck.

The deputies were looking for a stolen 4-wheeler on Ross Creek Road near Gruetli-Laager when they discovered the truck with Smith, Jr. and the girl inside.

Sheriff Shrum says he was also found in possession of legend and Schedule II prescription drugs.

According to the report, Smith, Jr. identified himself as the pastor of a church in Palmer.

The national website for the Church of God International Office lists Smith, Jr. as the pastor of the Palmer Church, located at 1848 Main Street.

“This is very disturbing and heartbreaking,” said Sheriff Shrum.

Bond has not yet been set.

Smith, Jr. has an initial court date of July 12th.

The Tennessee Church of God State Offices released a statement Friday:

“On June 1, 2018, Tennessee Church of God State Office officials were informed that William E. “Tim” Smith, Jr., pastor of the Church of God in Palmer, Tennessee, has been charged with attempted rape of a child.

In keeping with the ecclesiastical polity of Church of God, the Tennessee Church of God Administrative Bishop, Reverend Mitchell E. Corder, Jr., has placed Tim Smith, Jr., on administrative leave and suspended him from all ministerial activities on June 1, 2018, pending investigation and disposition of these charges.
Our concern and prayers go out to all involved in this matter.””

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