Catholic Priest In Brazil Arrested For Raping 9-Yr-Old Boy

Image result for Dilermando Freitas de Lima
Orthodox Catholic priest Dilermando Freitas de Lima

Diario Online (Brazil – Translated from Portuguese by Google Translate)

“Friday morning, the Santa Casa Police Station arrested the former Orthodox Catholic priest Dilermando Freitas de Lima, 48 years old.

He is accused of raping a boy who was a little altar boy at the time the accused was a priest in Belém.

The prisoner was taken to the Integrated Propagation Office located in Santa Casa de Misericórdia. The arrest is a result of Operation Bells and refers to the execution of injunctions for Pretrial Detention and Search and Seizure ordered by Judge Heyder Tavares Da Silva Ferreira, Judge of the 1st Police and Precautionary Measures Court of Belém, to the detriment of the prisoner .

The first abuse occurred when the victim was only 9 years old, after Dilermando celebrated a Mass in the Church of the Trinity, Batista Campos neighborhood in Bethlehem.

After the celebration the priest was driving his vehicle and stopped in a little busy street of the Medicean Set II, in Marambaia, and performed oral sex on the boy and determined that he did so too.

Abuses occurred daily inside the priest’s room, where he made the child watch pornographic videos and then raped him.

Dilermando made the child believe that the acts were normal and extended until the victim’s 12 years, when he came to realize that this behaviour was not appropriate.”

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