Brazil Evangelical Pastor Threatened Child Into Sending Nude Photos

Image result for Aylton Neves Gonçalves
Pastor Aylton Neves Gonçalves

Diario Online (Brazil – Translated from Portuguese by Google Translate)

“40-year-old evangelical pastor Aylton Neves Gonçalves, was arrested after meeting with a 14-year-old girl, on Wednesday.

He was taken to the Sectional of the Guamá neighborhood in Belém.

As reported by the deputy Daniel de Castro, director of the section, the mother of the girl made the complaint after reading the conversation of the man with the girl in a chat application on the cell phone.

In it, the girl was coerced to show intimate parts through photos, the popular “nudes”.

“It was the matter of the exchange of messages,” he said, “if she did not submit to his lust for intimacy, she would be affected by an illness and could even die.”

After the complaint, police followed him and appeared at the place where the meeting was marked, on Wednesday.

Also according to the delegate, there was no carnal conjunction between the pastor and the adolescent. The director of the section preferred not to disclose the religious congregation to which the pastor belongs.”

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