Mormon Leader Admits To Sexual Abuse In Audio Recording Taken By Victim

Joseph Bishop accused of sexual misconduct


“The woman whose voice is heard in the audio recording of former LDS MTC president Joseph Bishop has released a statement via Mormon Leaks.

Bishop has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women on five occasions.

One incident involved an accuser who said Bishop asked her to expose her breasts to him, which she did.

The LDS Church has since issued two different responses. You can read their initial response here. You can read the updated response, which was issued after a second victim came forward, here.

The accusations stem from alleged abuse that happened in the 1980’s when Bishop was in charge of the LDS Church’s Missionary Training Center in Provo.

The woman, who is not named, also said she looks forward to “sharing more of her story in the coming weeks.”

Her statement:

I’m the woman in the recording with Joseph L. Bishop. My identity will be revealed when I file the lawsuit.

First, although MormonLeaks did release my recording prior to my consent, Mr. McKnight and Mr. Dodge support my cause. It is my belief that they were concerned about ALL of the victims that may become forgotten if my story was silenced by a settlement and non-disclosure agreement. I cannot fault them for that. Having this story leaked has actually helped me. I was struggling with the settlement. Part of me wanted to take it and part of me didn’t. They made it easy for me. I didn’t have to choose. Some have stated that I am heroic and brave. I am neither of those things. I interviewed my rapist because I was pissed off. The church told me I wasn’t entitled to know what action, if any, had been taken in my reporting his raping me to several church leaders for 30 years. I was fed up. It was neither brave nor heroic.

Part of me wanted this to go away quietly and a bigger part of me wanted to scream from the top of the mountain what he did to me. Now I get to scream!

Even if the leak of the recording was prior to my consent, I do not agree that these men are re-victimizing me. I don’t think they would have released the recording without giving it serious thought and weighing the consequences heavily.

I look forward to sharing more of the story in the coming weeks.”


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