Guam Court Hears Catholic Priest Abused Boy To ‘Cleanse Him Of Sins’

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Rev. Ray Techaira

Post Guam

“A new clergy sex abuse lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Agana accuses deceased Rev. Ray Techaira of sexual abuse while Techaira was a priest serving at Niño Perdido y Sagrada Familia Catholic Church in Asan.

J.M.R., of Dededo, filed a civil complaint filed with the District Court of Guam on Friday alleging he had been sexually abused by Techaira after asking questions about the Catholic faith during confirmation class in 1984.

J.M.R. asked Techaira, according to the lawsuit: If there is only one God – the Father – why address Techaira as “father?”

The priest became upset and told J.M.R. to stay after confirmation class, the lawsuit alleges. After the other kids had left, Techaira instructed the teen to go to the office and stand in the prayer position and allegedly began the sexual assault, the lawsuit alleges.

Techaira allegedly told the boy he had sinned and was not ready to receive the sacrament of confirmation.

When the boy told the priest to stop the sexual abuse, Techaira scolded the boy, the lawsuit alleges. The priest allegedly instructed the boy to continue praying and told the minor, “I need to do this to you, to cleanse you of your sins,” court documents state.

J.M.R. told the priest he was going to report him, but Techaira told him no one would believe him because he is highly respected in the Catholic Church and in the community, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit accuses the Archdiocese of Agana of being aware of the sexual abuse committed by Techaira, and deliberately remaining quiet and withholding the information.

J.M.R.’s attorney, David Lujan, alleges his client has suffered and continues to suffer shock, emotional distress, physical manifestations of emotional distress, embarrassment, loss of self-esteem, disgrace and humiliation, and that his client has incurred expenses for medical and psychological treatment, therapy and counseling.

The lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages.”


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