Muslim Man Pours Acid On Sleeping Wife, Because She Gave Birth To A Girl



She is now being treated in hospital after the alleged assault – said to be motivated by her “Failure” to produce a boy and fulfil a Dowry in the town of Moradabad, near New Delhi, India. The couple were married for eight years and have two children together, both girls.

Police are searching for the alleged attacker, 32, and hope to arrest him for voluntarily causing grievous harm.

Farah said: “After the birth of the first girl only, my in-laws started to target me as if I deliberately delivered a baby girl“.

The harassment kept intensifying as time passed by. For the past year, things had become much worse.

Under pressure from his family, my husband would ask me to get more money from my parents and give it to them.”

Farah added: “I was trying to live with the daily dose of torture, and thinking about the well being of my daughters.

If I part ways from the man, who would provide for my two daughters and myself?

But I could never imagine that he would go to the extent of pouring acid on me. “I won’t forgive him for this ever.”

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