Kerala Temple To Drop Human Blood Ritual After Criticism From State Government

“Days after the Kerala government came down heavily on the authorities of the Deviyode Sri Vidwari Vaidyanatha Temple for urging devotees to offer human blood as part of a ritual, officials at the temple have decided to take a step back.

aim_bn_1316163353  The temple is situated at Vithura in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, India.

The Times of India

“It is an ancient ritual. The Kerala government and the public have been giving a false idea of it. We do not have any hidden agenda. Devotees were requested to collect their blood for the ‘yajna’. The ‘yajna’ fire is holy and when we add a drop of blood to it, it absorbs energy. That’s the reason why Hindu puranas have a number of blood-related rituals. It should be explained in a scientific way. Rather than thwarting the ritual, the government should have asked for a scientific briefing,”Head Priest of Temple said at a news conference

The temple trust has no intention to go against the decision of the government and district administration. We are sad that the government and a section of the society portrayed the ritual in a bad light,” said the head priest of the temple. He said devotees believe that Mahagora Kali Yajnam, a ritual using human blood, will help cure diseases.

He said collecting blood was only a symbolic ritual and the amount of blood collected from a devotee will be less than that one gives for lab-testing. “We never forced people to come to our temple or to participate in the festivals. With the district administration opposing the ritual, we have now asked devotees to get a proper clearance for conducting it,” he said.

Head Priest of Temple also claimed that devotees from other religions also worship the deity and they even conduct special rituals on Friday for Muslim devotees”.

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