Buffalo Pensioner Recalls Sex Abuse As A Child At Hands Of Catholic Priest

Jack Schintzius is now 75-years-old, but he vividly remembers what he calls “abuse” while a student at the old Bishop Timon Annex in South Buffalo


“Jack Schintzius, 75, remembers being a student at the old Bishop Timon Annex.

At the age of 14, he said there was a lot of talk about sex by a classroom teacher, but being told to strip down was the abuse he won’t forget.

Schintzius said his freshman class was told that the priest wanted to inspect their private areas to see if they were circumcised for health reasons, “It was humiliating,” he said. “They marched us over to the main building and said strip down to nothing, take a shower and we will call you when you have to go in front of the priest.”

For years, he never told anyone how it was an abusive situation for him, although he admits he was not touched. “I was embarrassed, afraid and humiliated,” he recalls.

Two decades ago, Schintzius fnally got the courage to tell his wife and daughter.

After watching a report on Channel 2 News about a man who spoke for the first time about abuse he allegedly suffered from a priest assigned to the old Columban Retreat House in Derby, Schintzius wanted to tell his story. “I just want closure from it and I want other people to come forward.”

He doesn’t hold back his feelings about the religion, “The Catholic Church is nothing but a bully, they are not truthful,” Schintzius says.

He left the Catholic Church 40 years ago and said he’s at peace with God.

The Diocese of Buffalo said claims submitted through March 1, 2018 would be considered for compensation. However, a Diocesan spokesman said they will still accept claims.

Schintzius submitted his notarized form on March 6 at the Buffalo Catholic Diocese office on Main Street. He said it made him feel “free.”

“As Bishop Malone stated on Thursday, we want to hear from anyone with an allegation. We encourage them to come forward,” said George Richert, Director of Communications for the Diocese of Buffalo.”


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