Catholic Friar Charged With Child Rape In Guam

Capuchin friar Vernon Kamiaz

Pacific News Center

“Opposition to former Capuchin friar Vernon Kamiaz’s motion to dismiss the sexual assault case against him has been filed in District Court citing that he was served in a timely manner.

Vernon Kamiaz filed a motion to dismiss the sexual assault charges against him last month, on the grounds that he was not served 90 days from when the complaint against him was filed. In his motion, he asserts to the court that he was served 144 days after the complaint was filed.

Attorney David Lujan who represents the victim C.J.I. contends that an order issued by the court regarding service was made on January 17, 2018, the order required service on all “unserved” defendants within 14 days. Court documents state that Kamiaz received a copy of the Summons and Complaint onf January 29, 2018, which Lujan contends was in compliance with the order and therefore timely.

The charges stem from an allegation that then Capuchin Friar Kamiaz sexually assaulted a 15-year old boy in 1983. According to court documents, the incident occurred after a youth fundraiser event when Kamiaz allegedly drove C.J.I. to his mother’s residence and raped him. C.J.I. is being represented by Attorney David Lujan and is seeking $5 million in damages.”

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