Kenyan Government Will Not Allow Islamic Sharia Style Courts To Undermine Justice, Statement Comes After 15-Year-Old Is Gang-Raped By Muslims

Dr Fred Matiang'i
Interior CS Fred Matiang’i.

Citizen TV

“Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has warned that the government will not allow the use of maslaha (communal dispute resolution mechanism) to resolve rape cases in Wajir County. [Many people see maslaha as a way for perpetrators of serious crimes to avoid punishment]

Speaking during a meeting with local leaders on Tuesday, the tough talking CS warned that the government will dismiss government officials privy to maslahasittings.

Matiang’i was reacting to reports that government officials, including county commanders, chiefs and communal leaders have proposed the use of the mechanism to solve the rising cases of rape.

On February 23, a 15-year-old girl was gang raped in Habaswein settlement, Wajir. Speculation was rife that local government officials, community and religious elders reverted to maslaha as a way to resolve the rape case.

“Any government official who will be involved in that dispute resolution mechanism will first be dismissed and then arrested. We will them take him to court for violating the law,” said a visibly irked Dr. Matiang’i.

“What kind of parents are we if we allow our daughters to be raped. This nonsense has to come to an end. It is primitive to resort to maslaha,”

The former Education Cabinet Secretary also warned that the government will stop at nothing to protect teachers who been pulling out from North Eastern region after three non-local teachers were maimed by terrorists at Qarsa village, Wajir County on February 15.

“Teachers have a right to work anywhere in this country. In the past week teachers have shifted fearing for their lives. The government will not allow intimidation of teachers because they have a right to work anywhere in this country,” he said.

Boundaries redefinition also dominated the CS’s tough talk saying that the Somali and Borana communities should stop fighting over boundaries since it is government function.

“Religious leaders talk to political leaders in this region so that we can stop pitting Kenyans against each other. Boundary redifinition is an IEBC function. We cannot have communities allocating themselves government functions and when they disagree they start inciting Kenyans against each other,” said Matiang’i.”

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