Idaho Christian Guilty Of ‘Ritualistic’ Sexual And Physical Abuse, Including Forcing Son To Eat Faeces

Dana Andrew Furtney

Idaho Statesman

“A northern Idaho man accused of using his religious beliefs to justify the physical and sexual abuse of his wife and children was found guilty of more than a dozen felony charges.

A jury on Thursday convicted 49-year-old Dana Andrew Furtney on charges including sexual abuse of a child, ritualized abuse, domestic violence and multiple counts of lewd conduct, the Bonner County Daily Bee reported .

The verdict was delivered after about jurors deliberated about two hours. The Bonner County jury acquitted Furtney on one count of lewd conduct.

Authorities said Furtney abused his family at home in the city of Priest River 2009 and 2013. Furtney was accused of groping his daughters and of chaining his son inside a tunnel on their property and binding him to an outhouse wall for at least a week.

He was indicted on 14 felony charges last year.

Against the wishes of his lawyer, Furtney testified in court Thursday.

Furtney told the court that he may have inappropriately touched his daughters while giving massages, but said it was not for his own sexual gratification.

Furtney is scheduled to be sentenced in May.”

Bonner County Daily Bee

“A Bonner County jury convicted a Priest River man Thursday of 10 counts of lewd conduct, in addition to charges of sexual abuse of a child, ritualized abuse and felony domestic violence.

Dana Andrew Furtney had not outward reaction to the verdicts, which came after about two hours of deliberation. Furtney faces the prospect of a lifelong prison term when he is sentenced in 1st District Court on May 7.

Furtney, who remains held at the Bonner County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail, was acquitted of one count of lewd conduct.

Furtney, 49, is accused of using his deep religious beliefs to victimize his wife, son and daughters at the family’s home north of Priest River between 2009 and 2013. A grand jury indicted him on 14 felony charges late last year.

Furtney is accused of fondling his daughters’ breast and genitals, in addition to having his son consume feces as part of as a religious rite. He also allegedly chained his son in a subterranean passageway linking structures on their property and lashing him to an outhouse wall for at least a week.

Furtney, who had a severely dog-eared Bible at his side throughout the proceedings, took the stand on Thursday against the wishes of his defense counsel, Deputy Public Defender Susie Jensen.

“That was my idea,” Furtney said of making his son consume feces.

Furtney also admitted on the stand that he could have inappropriately touched his daughters while giving massages, although he insisted to jurors that it was not for the purposes of his own sexual gratification.

Furtney’s soon-to-be-former wife testified that she was locked in a set of stocks and physically abused by her children and sexually abused with a sex toy. The state has portrayed the woman as a victim while the defense implied she was an accomplice in Furtney’s misconduct.

“In general, we made decisions together,” Furtney told jurors.

Jensen emphasized to jurors that Furtney’s wife testified that she was never actually injured and held that the ritualized abuse was actually just a form of discipline.

“This was discipline. The state has failed to prove that element,” Jensen told jurors, referring to the ritualized abuse charge.

Bonner County Prosecutor Louis Marshall argued that Furtney’s wife was conned.

“She’s been manipulated. It’s his manipulation that got us to this place.,” Marshall said during his closing remarks.”

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