Charlotte Megachurch In Child Abuse Investigation

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“Officers responded to a child abuse call at Calvary Church Wednesday afternoon, according to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police report.

The individual who called authorities told investigators the suspect hurt a two-year-old earlier in the day by picking her up by the arm. The child was later taken to Presbyterian Hospital, the report said. The girl was found to have a dislocated elbow.

The report also stated the suspect and child knew one another but were not related.

A church spokeswoman said they take children’s safety very seriously, and lifting a child by one arm does not follow their safety standards.

The church released this statement: “An internal review is already underway, and the teacher has been removed from her classroom on administrative leave pending that review.”

The Defenders dug into the daycare’s past and found state records do not show any major violations, and any violations noted over the years were corrected. The state has not taken any action against the daycare in at least the past three years.

CMPD is investigating the incident. A spokesperson told NBC Charlotte it is too early in the investigation to know if this was an accident. No charges have been filed.”

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