Call For Investigation Into South Africa Methodist Church Sex Abuse Claims

EFF picketed at the gates of the Voortrekker monument on Sunday

Rekord East – South Africa

“The commission for gender equality has expressed shock at sexual abuse claims made against the Central Methodist Church in Pretoria.

They called for openness and transparency in the matter.

This follows a “silent protest” at a church service last month, followed by an EFF picket at the Voortrekker monument yesterday. Yesterday’s protest action was also attended by a number of members from the church’s youth group.

The protesters were dismayed by what they see as the church dragging its feet in taking action against the alleged abuser, a steward at the church.

“We condemn how the church handled these complaints,” the commission said.

The commission said the church was supposed to be a sacred place of worship and should serve as a sanctuary to communities.

“However, of late we note that churches are increasingly besieged with sexual harassment allegations,” it said.

“The church must remove the steward from their leadership hierarchy as his continued presence can hamper the investigation,” it said.

“Openness and transparency will ensure these young women are not subjected to further victimisation and trauma as has been the case.””

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