Dutch Woman Accused Of Child Abuse In ‘Muslim Exorcism’

According to the Qur'an, jinns are created from smokeless fire.
According to the Qur’an, jinns are created from smokeless fire.

Volkskrant (Translated From Dutch)

“The Public Prosecution charges a 39-year-old woman of Moroccan descent from long-term abuse of her now 9-year-old son to drive a jinn. She must appear before the court of Roermond on Thursday.

It is, as far as is known, for the first time that a Dutch judge is bending over a derailed jinning. Many Muslims in the Netherlands also believe in these invisible beings from the Arab culture that according to the Qur’an was created from smokeless fire.  

The mother would have kept her son’s hands in the oven and with cotton swabs in his ears, with a hearing loss as a result. The boy was released from home in August

The jinn has destroyed her life. The spirit that took possession of her now 9-year-old son Anouar, has taken away everything she loves, the 39-year-old Amina is convinced of that. (+)

The woman says that she has tried to drive the jinn out of her son, but that she has not mistreated him. According to her lawyer Anis Boumanjal, the mother was only trying to cure her son. ‘In case of abuse, you intentionally hurt someone, that is not the case here.’  

In order to familiarize the criminal judge with the experience of jinns by many Muslims, lawyer Anis Boumanjal will ask the court to call up an anthropologist as a witness expert. “This is important now that my client states that if she has already caused pain and injury to her child, which has been the result of the treatment to drive out the jinn,” says Boumanjal. “In her desperation to expel the jinn she has seized all possible means, with the aim of getting her child better again.”


In 2016, the Antwerp Court sentenced an Islamist jumper for ten years to the death of an 18-year-old girl with a Muslim background. The lesbian girl would, according to her parents, be possessed and was showered with boiling water. In Morocco, it has often happened that a patient has not survived the jinning or has come out battered. No excesses have been known in the Netherlands so far.

However, social workers sometimes hear distressing stories from patients who come back with burns after a jiffy drift in Morocco. Or have been with exciters asking for hundreds of euros in compensation. ‘I advise my clients not to do this in Morocco, that can be very intense’, says therapist Nadia el Wahabi of GGZ-organization Indigo. “I had a woman with me who was beaten by her husband but thought that he could do nothing because he was possessed by a jinn. I said that she just had to report. “

60 to 80 percent of patients with a Muslim background with psychosis think that jinns are involved

Mental health problems

Mental healthcare institutions and therapists are becoming increasingly aware that many patients with a Muslim background believe that a jinn is the cause of their psychological problems. They sometimes work together with imams or Islamic spiritual caretakers. The treatment is more effective if the patient feels that his story about djinns is taken seriously by the therapist.

Research shows that 60 to 80 percent of patients with a Muslim background with psychosis think that jinns are involved. Meanwhile, according to professor of clinical pathology Jan Dirk Blom ‘the jinn has become established in mental health care’, at least in areas with many residents with a non-western background.

‘We sometimes call the imam into the consulting room and involve the Islamic spiritual carer,’ says psychiatrist Anne-Marie van Dam of the Amsterdam GGZ organization Arkin. ‘A practitioner needs to connect with what the client thinks, otherwise the treatment does not make sense. It helps if the imam says that there is no jinn in the game. ‘

In the law, inflicting pain and / or injury is only a mishandling if there is no justification for it.

Anis Boumanjal, lawyer

Islamic spiritual carer Jamila Zacouri works two days a week for GGZ institution Parnassia. Of the ten clients she speaks on average per week, about a half play a role.She works with the psychiatrist. “People who hear voices are searching for causes,” says Zacouri. “I talk to them about which Qur’anic verses they can recite. I warn them of extreme expulsions, which are not Islamic. And I explain to them that even if they go to an imam for an expulsion, they just have to keep swallowing their medication. ”

According to professor of criminal law philosophy Jeroen ten Voorde of the University of Groningen, there is also abuse if the mother has had good intentions.”Jinny exorcisms with the help of violence that cause another pain or injury are not justified. That the person concerned sees it differently will not change that. ‘

Lawyer Boumanjal finds his reasoning ‘too short in the curve’. ‘In the law, inflicting pain and / or injury is only a mishandling if there is no justification for it, so if there is no good reason to inflict pain and injury. Take for example the piercing of the ears, tattoos and the boy circumcision. The Supreme Court has ruled that this is not a mishandling despite the fact that there has been pain and injury to the child.When something is a good reason, it is unfortunately not to be found in the current state of justice. ‘”

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