Video Of Man Slapping A Woman For Not Donning The Hijab Sparks Anger

Malaysian Digest

“It needs to be reemphasised that one’s relationship with God is intimate and personal, and that no one should be judged by how they choose to honour their God.

But it appears that some people fail to grasp this concept as a recent footage shared by netizan Mayy Maii Silalahi, depicted a man slapping a woman at a bus stop in Penang, for not donning the hijab.

The over six-minute video showed a man counting the number of women who did not have their hijab on, before proceeding to bombard the women with questions regarding their religion.

Islam ke bukan? Islam ke tidak? (Are you a Muslim?),” asked the man.

While most of the women refuse to entertain such questions and paid no mind to the man, one lady professed to not wearing the hijab despite being a Muslim.

Evidently the unidentified man was not pleased with her answers, as he then demanded an explanation behind her decision – in which she replied, “Bertudung itu hak kita (donning the hijab is my choice).”

But instead of respecting her decision and choice, the man lashed out in fury at the woman, before resorting to violence upon realising that she did not heed his ‘advice.’

Three minutes into the video, the man is caught slapping the woman – which prompted the other women to jump to the victims’ defence as the man took a few step backs.

He however waited around the bus stop and engaged in a few verbal altercations – whilst demanding the non-hijab donning women to return home – before another man came to the rescue.

The video, which was uploaded last Friday (January 5), has garnered over 5,000 views with netizens expressing their opinions over the ordeal:

“A police report should be filed – this is harassment,” Adli Sapri commented.

“Islam doesn’t teach its ummah to condemn. This man, although intentions are right, has failed to counsel the ladies the Islamic way,” Noor Liza wrote.

“It boils my blood to know that some strangers have the audacity to dictate what a woman should and shouldn’t wear. It was her choice,” Boniface Persly pointed out.

And while some netizens deduced that the man in question was not in the right state of mind, it needs to be said that how the man reacted was excessive as he ridiculed the woman rather than advising her.”

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