Bishop “Don Euro” accused of laundering, fraud and embezzlement in Italy.

Don Luca Morini

La Nazione – Italiano

“The judicial affair that has shaken the local ecclesiastical world (and not only) arrives before the judge of preliminary hearings, with the request for trial brought by the prosecutor against the former parish priest of Fossone, Avenza and Caniparola, the bishop Giovanni Santucci and the former parish priest Emiliano Colombi.

The request for indictment has not yet been officially communicated to the lawyers of the suspects, but the power of attorney confirms that it has been made and now expects the gup to fix the preliminary hearing.

The bishop’s position – underlines the chief prosecutor Aldo Giubilaro – is totally marginal, as we have supported on the conclusions of the preliminary investigations. “The crimes alleged against Don Luca are self-laundering, fraud and embezzlement, the bishop will have to defend himself against the accusations of «Undue use of money» (money owned by the bishop’s curia) and attempted fraud at an insurance company, in competition with the same Don Luca Morini Emiliano Colombi is instead accused of receiving stolen goods, but as told to the lawyers of the suspects nothing has yet been reported.

The bishop’s lawyer, Professor Adriano Martini, comments: “I have not received anything yet, we are peaceful.” On the same length of wave the lawyer of Don Luca Morini, the lawyer Giovanna Barsotti. “I have not received any notice of the setting of the preliminary hearing – he says – and I believe that a judge must also be identified for preliminary hearings, because those who played a role in this affair are incompatible”.

The investigation started in 2015 when Francesca Mangiacapra, a Neapolitan lawyer who chose to be an escort, revealed to the press her relationship with the parish priest also telling the great financial resources of the parish priest. Two years later this story must now be examined by the judge of preliminary hearings.”

(Translated by Google Translate)


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