Christian preacher sexually assaults 11-year-old girl

Foto: Especial
Melchor M. is the leader of a Christian church

La Debate – Mexico (En Espanol)

“The leader and preacher of a Christian church was arrested last night after being accused of touching a minor in the colony Emiliano Zapata, in the city of Parral.

The defendant is also in charge of a grocery store located on Calle Mártires 3 de Mayo, where the victim had gone to buy some “chips”, and allegedly made improper touching.

The girl, 11 years old, returned home scared running, and said that the keeper of the store had held her buttocks and had rubbed his limb against her private parts. Upon learning of what happened, the child’s father decided to take justice into his own hands; He went to the house and gave a tremendous beating to the subject.

The shopkeeper’s sister said she tried to stop the assault, but was also injured in the legs.

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother called for emergencies and elements of Public Security moved to the grocery store, where they detained Melchor M., 53, who was consigned to the Prosecutor’s Office south for the crime of sexual abuse, not without first having received medical attention for blows.

As for the girl’s father, he was also arrested for the assault, while the sister of Melchor M., said he would file a formal complaint with the prosecution for the crime of injury.

Neighbors of the sector said that Melchor M. is the leader of a Christian church whose religious organization is called “Temple of life”, where he is also a preacher, and that the meeting point is the garage of his own home.

In the same way, they assured that previously she had sexually abused another minor, but being a low-income family, she gave them money as long as they did not report it.”

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