Catholics in Mexico demand the dismissal of Archbishop of Antequera for cover-up of paedophiles

José Luis Chávez Botello. Alerta. Foto: Especial

Despertarde Oaxaca – Mexico (En Espanol)

“For allegedly covering up cases of pedophilia and forsaking a priest of the Catholic Church, residents of San Francisco Telixtlahuaca demand that Archbishop José Luis Chávez Botello be removed from the archdiocese of Oaxaca.

The demonstrators indicated that they are disconcerted by the way in which the representative of the Catholic Church acts, because far from seeking justice in cases of reports of sexual abuse against young people by priests, it discriminates and marginalizes those who dare to denounce.

Piden la destitución de Chávez  Botello por encubrir a violadores

When protesting at the doors of the Oaxacan cathedral they argued that there have been multiple cases in which pedophilia is pointed out by priests, however, the cases always end up filed.

“We do not know why the cases are never followed up, we only know that the victims and those who dare to denounce are condemned by the Catholic Church, who through Chávez Botello has imposed its law,” they indicated.

In this context, they maintained that a clear example of what the administration of Chávez Botello does with those who dare to denounce is the case of the priest Miguel Ángel Morales García, who was forgotten.

They noted that the priest who remained in the church of his community for several years suffered a long illness before dying last December, and never received any help from the archdiocese.

On the contrary, they stated that on several occasions he was trying to get out of the parish, a situation that the inhabitants did not allow, as the father was characterized for always helping the needy.

After the death of the priest, Chávez Botello sought to have Father Leonel García occupy the parish, a fact with which the parishioners do not agree, who asked that the representative of the Catholic Church who comes to his community be unrelated to the archdiocese .

The foregoing, to consider, they said, that from the top of the Church are covering up crimes that affect vulnerable sectors such as children and youth of Oaxaca, as well as women who have been beaten by the same priests.

They recalled that in 2015 there were priests who were suspended in their functions for denouncing the sexual abuse of 45 indigenous children, allegedly committed by Father Gerardo Silvestre Hernández, while Father Morales García was condemned to oblivion and marginalization.

Therefore, they said, they are demanding the departure of the archbishop of the diocese of the Antequera Green, as well as that of the archdiocese’s chancellor secretary, Lorenzo Fanelli, on the grounds that they are involved in all illegal acts committed in the Catholic Church.”

(Translated from Spanish by Google Translate)

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