Four-year-old girl rescued from marrying a 70 year-old-man in Samburu

Samburu county children's coordinator Jane Kabiro speaks in her office on January 2, 2017. /MARTIN RWAMBA
Samburu county children’s coordinator Jane Kabiro speaks in her office on January 2, 2017

The Star – Kenya

“Children officers in Samburu have rescued a four-year-old girl before she was married off to a 70-year-old man.

Children’s coordinator Jane Kabiro said they learned of the planned marriage from the girls’ mother.

She said the girl’s father wanted to marry a second wife but the wife refused prompting him to seek a refund of the dowry.

Kabiro said: “The 40 year old father sent his first wife away when she questioned his will of marrying a second wife.”

The woman went to her parent’s home after which the husband followed her demanding the family returns the cows he used to pay dowry.

The children coordinator said that when the family could not raise the dowry, the man took away the young girl in order to sell her off and recover his livestock.

“He had already found a 70-year-old man who had offered to marry the minor,” Kabiro said on Tuesday.

The elderly man and the girl’s father are yet to be arrested.

Samburu Central OCPD Abagaro Guyo said the suspects will be prosecuted once the investigations are complete.”

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