Tanzania’s Catholic President pardons convicted child rapists, ‘thanks God’

John MagufuliJohn Magufuli

Musician Nguza Vicking ‘Babu Seya’ and his
Musician Nguza Vicking ‘Babu Seya’ and his children visits President Magufuli at state House to thank him for pardoning them 


“Tanzania’s Roman Catholic President John Magufuli has met two musicians whom he pardoned about three weeks ago, despite the fact that they were serving life prison sentences for raping 10 primary schoolgirls in 2003.

Nguza Viking, known as Babu Seya, and his son Johnson Nguza, known as Papii Kocha, thanked Mr Magufuli for pardoning them, and sang for him during their visit to State House, Tanzania’s The Citizen newspaper reported.

It quoted Mr Magufuli as saying:

You shouldn’t thank me. Rather you should thank God, who is the only one with the power to forgive.”

Children’s rights activists have condemned the pardon of Viking and Nguza.

They had served 13 years of their sentence when they were released for raping the 10 girls, aged between six and eight years.

The two were among 61 prisoners pardoned by the president in his Independence Day speech.”

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